How to buy drugs in Milan ...

All addicts Milan decided to leave the city? But it would seem only from the outside. In fact, every evening a bevy of addicts flocked from all over the city to the railway station «San Cristoforo di Milano», to buy a ticket. But the tickets are bought only in the automatic ticket offices, and this caused suspicion among police officers on duty at the nearest area «piazza Tirana». Later it became clear that the police stopped the organized drug trade is a means of automatic ticket machines. But everything in order ...
After analyzing the situation, it was planned and carried out a brilliant police operation: first ambush, and then catch - 14 customer-addicts and drug gangs.
How it happened? The principle was simple drug sales. Potion attached to the back side of railway tickets, then imitated their purchase, in automatic ticket offices, and then sold tickets to the client.


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