Summer heat will come to Moscow in the middle of next week

Nighttime temperatures closer to plus ten degrees, and the day
exceed 20 degrees. But it will be until next week until
also Muscovites waiting for cooler weather. Maximum temperature
air on Saturday and Sunday will be in Moscow on 15-16 degrees above zero.

Weather in early June will be cooler than would be expected from the first summer month.

"It is hoped that the present summer heat comes after June 3 - night temperature closer to plus ten degrees during the day will be 20", - said in a statement.

In the meantime, next weekend residents of the region is waiting for cooler weather. "North-easterly winds in the rear of the Ural cyclone will continue to deliver to the center of Russian cold arctic air. Is not without short-term light rain, most likely in the afternoon "- to be confirmed on the site.

The maximum temperature on Saturday and Sunday will be in Moscow on 15-16 degrees above zero, which is three to four degrees below normal.

Cool will be on weekends and at night: a city of about plus-five degrees, the region temperatures can drop to plus one.

"In the evening and in the morning without sweaters and jackets on the street will not be comfortable. And in the afternoon in a T-shirt you do not resemble "- note the weather forecasters.


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