The incident at the nuclear power plant in Slovenia: announced a Europe-wide alert

We are talking about the leak in the cooling
loop reactor nuclear power "Krsko».

The European Commission has announced a pan-European concern about the possibility of the radioactive release. As the official representative of the European Commission, was quoted by ITAR-TASS news agency, the decision was made in connection with the incident at the nuclear power plant in Slovenia, which currently is in the shutdown of the reactor.

"So far, no radiation leak is not confirmed," - said the representative. We are talking about the leak in the cooling circuit of the reactor nuclear power "Krsko". NPP takes measures to ensure the safety.

"There is no threat to the European nuclear incident is not" - said Ferran Tarradellas - a spokesman for European Commissioner for Energy Andris Piimelgsa.

According to him, the European Commission is in touch with the authorities in Slovenia, but it is not going to send their experts at nuclear power plants.

"In the spirit of transparency inherent in the executive branch of the EU, we felt it necessary to make public information about the incident," - said Tarradellas, answering the question of what caused the widespread European Commission warning of possible radiation hazards.

According to him, in such situations, the European Commission is launching a special mechanism automatically prevent EU countries.


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