Top 10 most beautiful restaurant meals (10 photos)

10 most beautiful restaurant meals, which were recently selected for Food & Wine. In addition, they look stunningly beautiful, they are still rumored, and very tasty! Alas, we can only imagine the taste of the dishes featured appearance, a short description of them and believe in the word - that their taste is so stunning as the exterior.

Mugaritz (Renteria, Spain)

Mugaritz restaurant has 2 Michelin stars. This super-score (who do not know). Many years of training with bubbles gave Operations restaurant to show us this miracle of berry-beet composition, the exact ingredients of which, as is clear, are in deep, murky secret. Photo courtesy of Mugaritz

Pierre Gagnaire (Paris, France)

Restaurant dish called "Crystal wind." In fact it is a meringue, but with the addition of protein in water and sugar it allows air and crystal look. Photo © Jacques Gavard

Michel Bras (Lagiyol, France)

Salad "Garguyu" can include up to 60 ingredients: vegetables, herbs, flowers and seeds any differently, it all depends on the season (or what will find hihi) ... But ... vygljadet impozantnenko.)) Photo courtesy of Bras < br />
Alinea (Chicago, USA)


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