Twin sisters drowned in training

On Monday evening, during training in rowing in the lake village of Samara region Vasilevka drowned two girls 13 years. "The incident occurred during a workout on the rowing. Two girls, who are twin sisters, overturned kayak. The water temperature at this time was about 8 degrees, the girls could not be saved, "- said the employee search and rescue services Togliatti.

According to him, the coach section at that time was on the beach and help their wards could not, and have lost children, according to preliminary data, there were no life jackets. According to RIA "Novosti", today in fact occurred in the Samara region of the tragedy is checked and addressed the issue of a criminal case.

It should be noted that cases of death of children in physical education in Russia is not uncommon. The last such incident occurred on May 21 in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, where 11-year-old boy was killed in a school during physical education classes. The schoolboy died in the village Motygino Motyginsky area directly to the stadium during the lesson.

Student accidentally knocked the heavy iron gate handball, shell fell on his head. As a result, the boy received a basal skull fracture and died in the car, "first aid" on the way to the hospital, reports RIA "NovostiĀ».

Upon the death of 11-year-old boy Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee under the Russian Prosecutor's Office for Krasnoyarsk region opened a criminal case under article "Causing death by negligence due to improper execution of his or her professional dutiesĀ».

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