Apple MobileMe

Apple announced Internet service MobileMe, with which you can synchronize a variety of personal data between your desktop and mobile device.

As a desktop computer can act as a PC, and "Mac", and the mobile device can be a player, your iPhone or any other device.

The MobileMe also provides Forums Gallery for storing and sharing photos and iDisk for storing documents. For storage, the user is given up to 20 GB of disk space. The service supports applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Mail, Address Book and iCal.

The cost of an annual subscription to work with the service will cost $ 99 per person. "Family" package subscription will cost $ 149. If someone 20GB seem a little, you can purchase an additional 20GB for $ 49, or 40 GB - 99 US dollars.

MobileMe Launch is scheduled for July 11.


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