In Spain, children weaned from mobile phones in spetsklinike

In Spain, the parents of two teenagers sent their children to a specialized clinic for withdrawal from a mobile phone. Their mobile phones teenagers, one of whom is 12, and the second 13 years, have received from parents and a half years ago.

All the while, they can use them almost without restrictions. The result - an unhealthy attachment to the phone. The parents became alarmed when they noticed that the children are not able to exist without a mobile device, and to get money for various phone services, they have to lie and dodge. Now young patients within three months will learn to live without mobile phones.

Experts believe that this case can only be the tip of the iceberg. Dr. Martinez-Raga, which specializes in various kinds of addiction, describes the main symptoms of this problem. According to him, children who develop an abnormal attachment to video games or mobile phones, are becoming very nervous and irritable, it is difficult to find a common language with their peers, having difficulty with their studies.

Doctors recommend parents not to buy mobile phones for children under 16 years. Spanish experts have warned that the telephone relationship can develop into a serious problem. This concern is shared by other European countries, reports BBC BBC.


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