Turtle in the house - the stars on the ceiling

C sight - regular toy ...

Man has always wanted to learn to fly. He wanted to see closer the sun, moon and stars, and indeed, he was bored on the ground. So he came up with wings, catapult, gliders, helicopters from the aircraft, missiles, satellites ...

Yet he saw the sun and the moon and the stars. However, mere mortals to the way ordered: not mature enough, apparently. But designers do not think so.

And actually - light-emitting

In view of this the usual toys, stuffed turtle, which is so fond of playing children. All this is true: the day is the right partner for the games for the children, and at night - emitting stars detail of the interior. Happy toy absorbs light and gives it to the room at night, turning it into a starry sky.
It is useful and in the nursery, because kids are often afraid to go to sleep without a light, and twinkling stars on the ceiling perfectly calm the child, and not leave it in darkness and in the marital bedroom, after falling asleep in the arms of loved ones in the quiet light of the stars - is romantic.


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