For an unlocked iPhone 3G Americans overpay $ 400

In the US, iPhone 3G without a contract operator AT & T will cost $ 599 for vosmigigabaytnuyu model, according to AppleInsider. During the 16-gigabyte legally unlocked iPhone 3G will have to pay $ 699.

Complete with a two-year contract operator AT & T smartphone from Apple will cost $ 199 for vosmigigabaytnuyu model and $ 299 for 16GB. The minimum monthly fee tariff plan will be $ 70.

Earlier plans to sell unlocked iPhone 3G officially informed the Italian branch of the mobile operator Vodafone. Vosmigigabaytny smartphone from Apple without reference to the operator will manage the Italians in the 773 dollar. During the 16-gigabyte unlocked iPhone 3G will have to pay 881 dollar.

On the shelves of iPhone 3G will be on July 11th. Until the end of the year to buy a smartphone will be able to live in more than 70 countries.


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