In Dubai will build the world's largest fountain

Dubai - a city famous above all for its large-scale architectural projects, known all over the world and record-breaking. The money is there, so is, where carousing. "Bigger, better, cooler" - something like this can be characterized by the motto of modern Dubai. The next grand project the city will be the world's largest fountain cost 281 million. Dollars. Or rather, it will be a whole range of "multimedia" fountain since 6600 in addition to the lamps, they will be highlighted and put on light and sound show, 50 projectors will display pictures and videos on the walls of the water produced by the fountains. Fountains will "shoot" water to a height of about 150 meters, and its length will be 275 meters. The project will be completed in the year 2009 and to all appearances, it will be something amazing.


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