We look forward to continue?

Feature film "Sex and the City" just finished its triumphal march around the world cinemas, and HBO's already talking about the fact that they are very interested in the sequel.

"All were sold on the first film and its success, and it always entails the possibility of continuing," - said co-president of HBO, Richard Plipler.

Is it really going to happen, and we can begin to wait for "Sex and the City - 2"?

"Of course, it all depends on Patrick Michael (director), Sarah Jessica Parker and the rest of the actresses," - said Plipler. "Is there a possibility that in the next 4-5 years will remove the sequel to" sex "? Yes, I think it is quite possible! "- Said the representative of the company HBO.

Jennifer Hudson, who played assistant Carrie, is ready to continue filming at any moment. "Yes, the issue of the continuation of the film being discussed", - said the actress. - "And I'm ready to again be part of this!»

Until quite hard to say, the company set up HBO seriously and this idea will remain unrealized. Indeed, in the film "Sex and the City", in contrast to the series, ended a classic happy ending. Screenwriter and director have to work hard to interest the audience.

Would you like to see the sequel to Sex and the City?


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