In Georgia pull together troops from Iraq

Half of the Georgian military contingent in Iraq next Monday will be sent home, said the commander of the Georgian battalion in Iraq, Colonel Bondo Maisuradze.

"They want to go home soon after saw the footage on television," - he said, noting that a thousand people will be taken out of the country on Monday, and the rest - a little later, but as far as possible the short term.

"We need to bring here a thousand people within 96 hours, and then - and others", - quotes "Interfax" the words Maisuradze.

Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Colonel-General Anatoly Nogovitsyn doubted that such an operation under the force of Georgia alone. "Georgia itself is not able to carry out transfer of this team," - said Nogovitsin, noting that also is not yet known US response to this initiative.

As recalled by the business newspaper "Sight", a part of the coalition groups in Iraq since 2006, it is the Georgian brigade of 2,000 people. Earlier, Georgian media reported as if Georgian troops from Iraq to Georgia will deliver the aircraft of military transport aircraft the US.

However, while the Bush administration has no plans to provide assistance to Georgia, except through international diplomacy. Is it the aid, which is calculated in Georgia is unclear. According to the news agency "Rosbalt", there is no information indicating that the armed forces of the United States or NATO would come to the aid of Georgia.


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