Rules of entry into the new team

Correct entry of the new team is essential for the formation of yourself: you have to show themselves, and face in the dirt does not fall down. However, how we position ourselves in the early days, we depend for our continued presence in the team. When joining a new team should remember a few simple tips.

1. Keep it simple: the complexity of sentences you do not understand and turned away, to label - Zaznayka. Simplicity means speech clarity.

2. The Parties confused emotions: specifically exert yourself. Or - or, angry - angry, delighted - rejoice. Do not create an impression of himself as a private person.

3. Strive intended: if something volunteered to do - make sure. So you perceive as a purposeful, determined person.

4. "Do not drop the" yourself if you have anything important had reported this to the attention of all. Not tushuytes, dropping their own opinion and dignity to the level of the plinth.

5. Make sure that you are not interrupted, if you say, and the conversation unceremoniously interfering outsider, paying no attention to you, make a note and continue the thought, take the initiative. You - deserve attention.

6. Do not stop there: let the victory be another victory. Asserts itself, manifesting itself in the work.

7. Remember that mistakes do not make a person weak and strong - accumulated personal experience, methods of behavior in a given situation. Do not be afraid to make mistakes - they will harden.


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