Kadyrov's men staged a battle in Moscow

The quarrel between visitors cafes, which took place last night in the south-west of Moscow, turned into a stabbing, and shooting ended. Final bloody fight took place in front of the capital's police.

On Monday evening in a cafe on Avenue Novoyasenevsky came a young man, who came from Chechnya. Restaurant proved a favorite vacation spot of the natives of Azerbaijan. The exact cause of conflict between men is not known, but it quickly grew into a brawl, which ended in victory for the Azerbaijanis. The young man was stabbed in the thigh and withdrew.

Wounded intern turned the Chechen Interior Ministry. He was traveling certificate, wherein the purpose of the visit, it was stated that he had come to accompany the president of the republic, Ramzan Kadyrov. Future policeman turned to the nearest department of law enforcement agencies, travel and office presented certificates and deposited the service pistol "Stechkin" (he was going to see a doctor and weapons in any case prefer to leave to the police station). However, to his colleagues immediately drove to the "Land Cruiser". The victim was taken to hospital and his colleagues went to understand.

Colleagues of the victim did not stop the fact that the cafe has been the capital police, witnesses caused a fight. Moving near places Chechen officers of the law began to sort things out with fellow offenders. As a result, shots rang out, wounding two people - a passerby, and one of the Avengers. Both were taken to hospital. Threats to their lives there.

With stab wounds to the leg and the head doctor to address Azerbaijani. After medical assistance he left the hospital. Currently, the police were looking for him to take testimony.

Chechens fled the scene, their car was wanted. To do this, in the capital have introduced a special plan "Interception". Subsequently, all seven were themselves to the police station. They work Moscow police - investigated all the circumstances of the incident.

In the east of Moscow on the eve of a similar incident occurred. On Sunday evening between the visitors to the cafe "Sahara", located near the metro station "CHerkizovskaja", there was a mass brawl. During the brawl, which was attended by about a dozen people, one of the participants of the fight to use firearms. As a result, one person was killed and four were wounded.


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