La Tomatina tomato fight (La Tomatina) in Buñol

For more than 60 years in a row in August in Bunol attracts tens of thousands of fans tomato madness.

This year the Spanish La Tomatina festival (La Tomatina) fell on Wednesday, August 27th. According to some reports, in tomato massacre was attended by about 40,000 people, which was used as a projectile more than 100 tons of tomatoes brought to the scene on special trailers.

Tomatina idea is to scatter each other tomatoes, bathe in tomato thinner, and have a friendly knock brawl.

At the end of the battle the walls surrounding houses were red and tomato slurry underfoot participants of the festival reached the ankles. Then contented citizens and tourists have gone home and the hotels were washed from tomatoes.

If you remember, earlier we talked about other similar holiday - orange battle in the Italian city of Ivrea. More photos from the festival La Tomatina, see the continuation.


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