The battle of the oranges carnival in Italian

In Northern Italy on the streets of Ivrea hosts the annual costume carnival Ivrea Carnevale d" with the part in the orange battle. The battle of the oranges is a re-enactment of the historic battle, only instead of weapons, stones and boulders, in the hands of the citizens and tourists of ripe fruits of oranges. Many countries before the beginning of lent carry out various colorful festivals and carnivals with bright decorations and incredible exhilaration. This carnival tradition is supported by the Italians who span a range of carnivals, one of which is the "Orange battle." To conduct orange battle advance harvest over 350 tons of juicy fruit, which is about the annual consumption of orange all over Italy. One can only imagine what reigns citrus scent, and how the orange layer of pulp covered the streets of the city after the battle. Street cleaning is carried out according to tradition, all participants of the battle. Every year participants of this orange battle only increases.

To fully understand the meaning of this carnival, you need to know the history of the city of Ivrea, which is this holiday. As gloat historians, in 1808, an event occurred, namely, the armed uprising of the people of Tokunaga against the tyranny of the feudal lords. But this historical fact does not attract citizens and tourists, there is another interpretation of this event is a legend. And that she, like most locals. After all, each legend bears a kind of mystery if you wish, you can embellish and add something of their own. Now legend has it that once upon a time in the XII century on this earth was dominated by a terrible law, which enabled the ruler of Ivrea, on the right of "first night" with any girl standing under the crown. At that time there was a beauty Violetta, the Miller's daughter, who at the time SCORM was supposed to marry. And on the wedding day the king and the Governor of the city wanted to exercise their rights, but stubborn and brave Violetta was able to rebuff the king, stabbed him, and the head was tossed from the balcony. The guards grabbed the girl, but the locals rescued her, pelted the guards with stones.

Nobody knows for sure could in fact this story exist, but the townspeople loved this legend and now annually celebrate the "liberation" battle of Violetta, where instead of stone cobbles used ripe oranges.

The whole organization of the festival is carried out quite carefully, the real action takes place in the main squares of the city. First a girl is chosen for the role of Violetta. Usually it is the main beauty of the carnival. All those wishing to participate are divided into groups of a hundred people, which make up the main force of fighters called arancel. They are dressed in colorful special costumes. On the area leaving makeshift wagon with the guards. Each wagon of ten, trained, and dressed in clothing with metal armor and helmets. After all, with the force of a thrown orange is quite a formidable weapon, sometimes even with special clothing leads to small injuries of the participants, like the broken nose and black eye. But this is nothing compared to the emotions that get all those present and participating in the battle. At the end of the battle, the team on earth that is better and more precise metal citrus, given the prize.

By the way, who does not want to participate in this battle, but wants to see the battle from the side and not "broken orange, so the audience are given red hats. This little red riding hood says to all men, that the hero of carnival is inviolable.

Look at these photos taken at the time of the battle, and you realize that everything you show is a pretty serious battle, but still win the friendship, solidarity, love and justice. So at least I would like to think. published




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