Scientists have studied the fat kids - the whole thing in their nervous mothers

The tense situation in the family can cause obesity deteyv early age. American scientists explain this relationship that children often react to stress arising in the course of the relationship with the older, over-eating.

As shown by recent studies, many children from poor American families much fattening, because their mothers are constantly under stress. And the children looking for a way to unhealthy, but very convenient foods such as fast food. Stress in the family atmosphere can be caused by many factors, including poverty, lack of money, problems at work, lack of health insurance, said Dr. Craig Gundersen of the University of the State of Illinois.

"To get rid of stress, people begin to eat," - he said in an interview with Reuters. - In this case, the children also begin to absorb more food to "digest" the stressful situation.

Gundersen and colleagues at the State University of Iowa and Michigan have studied about 841 child living in a family below the poverty line, and published their findings in the September issue of the scientific journal Pediatrics.

We found that the cumulative stress, which is experiencing a mother, greatly affects the availability of a baby overweight, says the research team. However, the conclusions of American scientists are most useful only for children from 3 to 10 years, because older children can find an outlet outside the home, with friends or at work.

It is noteworthy that, on average about 17% of American children fat and 16% overweight. In recent years, obesity has become a major cause of disability fall of the US population, and its treatment costs Americans more than the struggle with the consequences of smoking and alcoholism.

According to the report, published in 2005, the US National Health Trust, 64, 5%, or 119 million Americans were overweight. US leadership in the number of obese people challenged at least seven European countries. In Cyprus, Malta, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece and Slovakia, about two-thirds of the male population are obese. In Russia, official statistics on this disease is not, however, according to experts, in our country, the problem is far more acute than in Europe or the United States.


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