Telephone transformed into TV: novelty from LG KB770

Telephone reached "maturity" and turned the television receiver with auxiliary function to make calls. This - intermediate, not previously found a link between the evolution of these stages, television and mobile phone. New KB770 from LG - a representative of this, just open stage.

Using the connector (TV-out), KB770 easy to connect to a large receiver box for receiving signals of television channels format DVB-T. Built-in TV tuner supplemented retractable antenna. Well, watch soap operas on the screen with 3-inch - a pleasure. The handset also supports HSDPA-technology network and 3rd generation. As for the phone itself, so it is represented by a set of standard features, typical for modern models of gamers. This - memory expansion slot for cards microSD, module Bluetooth-stereo, film camera with 3 megapixel. Worth KB770 (in German territory) $ 630.


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