Cons winning the lottery (4 photos)

This car is always parked in the back of the house and hiding in the foliage of the trees, away from the eyes of neighbors envious and vandals.

The car was won in a lottery incentive. The site of chocolates he looked

Could assume lucky expanding the foil and saw the picture of the car that the conditions for the phrase "members Lottery required to perform all activities related to the participation in the lottery and getting wins," it lies?

Would you refuse to give you a car people, in signing a contract for a year or two that agree to carry this bandura and inscriptions. Even though it is against the rules of their own lottery: "The organizer does not burden the Lottery lottery prize fund any obligations, except for obligations to participants Lottery for the transfer (provision) wins, and does not use the prize fund Lottery differently than transfer (provision) wins. "


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