Motivation Harvard students.

1. If you now go to sleep, then you will, of course, dream your dream. If instead you choose sleep study, you realize his dream.
2. When you think it's too late, in fact, it is still early.
3. Flour exercises only temporary. Flour ignorance - is eternal.
4. Study - this is not the time. Study - this effort.
5. Life - is not only learning, but if you can not even pass through this part of it, then what you do, can do?
6. Voltage and effort can be fun.
7. Only the one who makes all before, the only one who makes an effort to really be able to enjoy their success.
8. In all succeed not given to everyone. But success only comes with self-improvement and determination.
9. Time flies.
10. Today's drool become tomorrow's tears.
11. People who put something in the future - realists.
12. Your salary is directly proportional to your level of education.
13. Today will never happen again.
14. Even now your enemies eagerly flipping book.
15. Do not popoteesh not earn.


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