Tin. Accident in Kiev (10 photos are not for the faint of heart)

What causes foolhardiness. The accident occurred a week ago in Kiev on the avenue 40 years of October, not far from the Moscow area.

Daewoo Lanos taxi at high speed crashed into the standing trolley. The rate you can judge from photographs - almost the entire front of the taxi went under the trolley. The driver and passenger of a taxi, who was sitting in the front seat died on the spot, two passenger rear seats were in the hospital in serious condition.

When rescuers cut the car, they found another body. At the time of the accident the driver of a trolley bus just stood behind the trolley and filmed collectors. From hitting his body, too, was in the car.
In comments on a certain site Ukrainian girl writes that her husband works in the same company as the deceased driver. On the night of the accident the company saw in a restaurant, then the driver sat behind the wheel drunk. But it's not exactly just a comment.

Personally, I am very afraid of a taxi after about five years ago stoned taxi driver with me in the car, hooked to turn another car and started running away from the scene of the accident. He stopped at the gate of the plant (it was night), closed the car and asked me to get out of there quickly. Since then, I have never ridden in a taxi in the front seat. Even drunk.


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