How to train diction?

Repeat this exercise every day for diction (read aloud). If every day you pronounce this exercise 1-5 times, in two weeks you will notice stunning results.

On Thursday, the fourth of four and a quarter hours
Ligurian regulated adjuster in Liguria,
but thirty-three ships tacked, tacked, but never vylavirovali and then report about PROTOCOL logged as interviewer interviewee Ligurian adjuster fluently, but not cleanly reported to, but not doraportoval doraportovyval so yes zaraportovalsya about razmokropogodivshuyusya weather that, so the incident did not contender for the judicial precedent,
Ligurian adjuster acclimated unconstitutional in Constantinople,
where crested flirtatious laughter laughing and shouting Turk,
which roughly stoned tube: do not smoke, Turk, tube,
buy better pile peak, better peak pile buy,
and the scorer comes from Brandenburg - zabombardiruet for bombs,
that someone had poldvora chernoryly snout izryl, dug and the undermining;
but in fact the Turk was not in,
Yes, and Clara to sneaked into the time crept to Larue, while Carl Clara corals steal for what Clara Karl stole the clarinet,
and then in the court of the widow Barbara degotnikovoy the two thieves stealing wood;
but sin - do not laugh - do not put in the nut: a Clara Carl in
darkness all cancers rustled in a fight - that's not up to the scorer thieves had and
not to degotnikovoy widow, and not to degotnikovyh children;
but the angry widow took her to the barn wood: wood just two firewood, three wood - not instead of all wood,
woodcutter and two, twenty drovokola- drovoruba for Superbad Barbara
expelled wood breadth yard back on a wood yard,
which languished egret, heron dried up, Heron died;
the heron chick tenaciously clung to the chain;
done against the sheep, and the sheep against the young man himself,
which is Senya hay in the sled,
then carries Senka Sonya with Sanka sledding:
sanki- Skok, Senku- in the side Sonku- forehead, all-in snow,
Sasha and just a cap cones knocked,
then went on the highway Sasha, Sasha, Sasha found on the highway;
Sonya same - Sashka's girlfriend was on the highway and sucked drying,
besides, have Sonya-vane in the mouth and another three cheese cakes -
right in the honey cake, but it is not up to Honey -
Sonya and cheesecake mouth sexton pereponomarit - perevyponomarit:
buzzing like beetle, buzzing, yes spinning:
It was at Frol - Frol lied on their laurels will go to Laura at Laura Frol navret,
that - with vahmistrshey sergeant, captain with rotmistrshey,
that snake - pressed down, while ezha- ezhata,
and his high-ranking guest took the reed,
and soon again five children ate five honey agaric with half past three quadrangular lentils without wormholes, and one thousand six hundred sixty-six pies with cheese whey from the curd,
 - For all of about trumpeting Cola jingle bells,
so much so that even Constantine - zaltsburzhsky bssperspektivnyak from the armored stated, all bells are not perekolokolovat not perevykolokolovat,
and not all of tongue twisters pereskorogovorit not perevyskorogovorit;
but the attempt - not torture.

And a few more tips:
1) Put a few nuts in her mouth and pronounce the tongue twisters, varying the tempo from slow to fast.
2) Use a different number and size of nuts, complicating the task.
3) Record on tape excerpt specific text. Listen to what the other person hears. It is unlikely that you will like what you hear. Record up until your diction has reached a satisfactory level.


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