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Have you ever played in the SMS-quiz? A quiz where one smska worth 5 hryvnia? ;) Today MTS-Ukraine has started an action «100 cars for 100 days." We must answer the quiz questions. Among those who scored maximum points, played 100 Ford Fiesta cars and 2 apartments in "any city of Ukraine" (although a hedgehog is clear that it is necessary to take an apartment in Kiev, who should not, in Kiev, the following simple manipulations in the loser will not stay) .

Rather big prizes. And a lot of them, so that everyone believed that he has a chance. If you send a day for 1 sms, it will increase to $ 100 ARPU for 3 months (ie 30 per month, which a lot of hell). Although a gambler can certainly smsok to 20 a day to send.

Now arithmetic: 100 cars and 20 000 dollars - is 2 000 000 (in fact much less, because if the brand announced, so Ford is somehow involved in the project, at least for half the price pushes a wheelbarrow). To hit 2 million for the 3 months it is necessary to $ 100 (1 smska per day) posted a total of some 20,000 people. When the subscriber database 20 000 000 is 0, 1% of the total. It's worth it, ladies and gentlemen! However, only for the operator;)

But I was terribly interesting - what kind of questions in the quiz? And as it is supported by the interest in the quiz. Not so easy to make a person to send sms to 5 hryvnia.
In general, I thought it was a small ex-ment was not much affect my pocket) and sent to the number 800 blank message. The answer is not found in coming;)

After selecting the language comes the following message here. The system offers call themselves - still, if a person is treated by name, it will be more trusting.

And then the following message. I have as much as 50 points! I'm happy! I'm on the verge of victory! The "all" 10, and I have - as many as 50! This is cool! ;)

forward to the first question;)
Without the Eurovision has not done ... Just some icon ...

I answered correctly! Yay! I'm pretty scholar and connoisseur;)


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