Kicherer presented the 570-horsepower Cooper CL600

His latest innovation is CL60 Coupe, tuner Kicherer has not repeated the feat brabusovskogo and presented something of their own. Mercedes CL 600 with an upgraded 570 horsepower V12-unit with a twin-turbocharged, got everything you need to "forgive" the European tyuningkaru. As they say: - "From the spoiler handle up».

So, the appearance is underlined coupe was due to the small body kit with carbon fiber elements, undervalued by 25 mm ground clearance and 20-inch wheels. In the cabin - just present a couple of applications of carbon fiber, leather trim and a little alu. Complements program - media and Navi.

As for the engine, it has acquired a more powerful "vozdushki" new "soft" control unit, a performance exhaust part with sports catalysts and an upgraded gearbox that transmits a maximum torque of 900 Nm at the rear axle, fitted in turn sports block differential. On the high-speed performance trends tuner is nothing, but you can guess that the roads of Europe coupe can develop a maximum speed of only 250 km / h (limiter), but to disperse hundreds will be about four seconds (series - 4, 6 seconds). That's the way!

It is expected that the new Kicherer will be presented at the Motor Show in Essen at the end of November. Let's see.


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