Alexei Cherepanov died

The tragedy ended the match between "Vityaz" and "avant-garde". Three minutes before the end of the match on the bench heart stopped Omsk forward Alexei Cherepanov. Despite the best efforts of doctors, the player died in the hospital.

Monstrous inherently tragedy took the life of 19-year-old striker Omsk "Vanguard" and the Russian national team. On Monday, the "hawks" conducted its next regular season match of the Continental Hockey League. In Chekhov, they met with the local "Vityaz". Almost until the end of the third period on ice was hard and uncompromising struggle ... And then ...

Then on 57 minutes Cherepanov went to the bench and on the road collided with someone of the partners. It would seem that this could be serious? Look how many times the players, not sparing each other, fighting at the sides, but ... Alex got to the bench where the young hockey player's heart stopped.

Immediately the arena was called an ambulance.

Meanwhile, local health services have made every effort to player's heart began to beat again. He stabbed adrenaline, doing chest compressions, but nothing helped. More than anything the local doctors were not ...

According to "Sport-Express", five times the heart was able to run, but then again, the player lost consciousness. At some point, he regained consciousness and began to learn team-mates, but it was only an episode. By the time the heart is not beating yourself for 15 minutes. Upon arrival reanimobile players sent to the local hospital. And before my eyes were full of sorrow Jaromir Jagr, who, like an incantation, repeating: "Leszek, wake up!»

At the hospital, the doctors did everything they could. Appeared contradictory information. Like breathing Cherepanov, but it did not last long. Alex fought to the last death, but ... Alexei Return to life was not meant to. 19-year-old died ...

What was the cause of death - will be known soon. And that is why, according to eyewitnesses, the arena was not specifically reanimobile with all the equipment - a question to the organizers.

His death - a huge loss for Russian hockey. His condolences to the family Cherepanov expressed leaders of the club, "the New York Rangers».

Alexei Cherepanov

Born January 15, 1989 in the village Ozerki Talmensky District of the Altai Territory. The pupil of Barnaul and Omsk hockey. In 2007, drafted by the club "New York Rangers" in the 1st round of the under № 17. In the match of the championship of Russia for the performances of the Youth "Vanguard" has spent 131 games, scored 175 goals, 133 made the transmission, scored 267 penalty minutes. Russian Champion 2003, silver medalist in 2004, bronze medalist of 2006 among boys. The best scorer of the finals of the Russian championship in 2006 among the teams born in 1989 He played for the "Vanguard" -2 ("Omsk Hawks", 2006, 2007), "Vanguard" (Omsk region, 2007, 2008). Bronze medalist of Russia 2007 World Junior Champion 2007 Silver medalist at the World Youth Championship in 2007, bronze medalist of the 2008 winner of the "Event 4" (Russia, 2005) among junior teams born in 1989 " Tournament 4 "(Sweden, 2006) among junior teams born in 1989 The best sniper of the tournament. The "Vanguard" third season. He spent 106 games, scored 38 goals, made 29 assists, scored 57 penalty minutes. Just a career in various leagues played 114 games, scored 41 pucks, made 29 assists, scored 57 penalty minutes.

Source: "Times»
Photo: HAWK.RU


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