Magical void log (3 photos)

Many have a garden, and many go on kebabs. So meet - "The log void eight directions" - a unique invention loggers. For those who are in the field has a chainsaw, or at least are alternate. Saves the wood (wood). Easy striking.

It looks in a working form so:

Starts square timber or round log and it saws eight cuts (strictly on the eight sides of the world, or will not work). The depth of the cuts - independent of the phases of the moon, usually under 40-50 centimeters. Then, in the center of emptiness need to drop (do not pour, namely a little drip and then came shooting !!!) of gasoline. Put the unit on the ground, it is possible to fix the stones to not crashed. Then throw a lighted match inside. At the heart starts to burn. All is ready. You feel you can put on a makeshift stove maker, a pot or pan.

The unique contraption. It works in high winds. Wood consumption is greatly reduced, the pleasure of seeing the simplicity of the invention - is growing.


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