As President Yushchenko congratulated Senator Obama (3 pictures)

The day before yesterday on the website of the President of Ukraine appeared congratulations to Obama.
It began with the words "Your Vysokoprevosohoditelstvo».
It has been funny and on many sites on this laughed.
But it is worth noting that, according to the archives, this is a common treatment Yushchenko to his colleagues.
Here's a screenshot:

History would be on it and ended if vdrgu someone from Yushchenko Administration or one of the admins decided not to rectify the situation.
And yesterday morning on the same page "Your Vysokoprevosohoditelstvo" was replaced with "Your Honor».

If you think that this is the end of history, you are wrong)

Day of treatment changed again. Someone thought that "Your Honor" - too dry.
And on the site there is a new phrase, "Your right honorable».
Here's a screenshot:


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