In Israel sue Iosif Kobzon

Iosif Kobzon got in trouble associated with concert activity in Israel. Maitre domestic platform allegedly refused to pay many expenses during their stay in the Holy Land. According to the organizers of the tour, Joseph Davidovich abroad, he squandered the money of the company and refuses to offset the costs.

Russian actor also ready to challenge this statement in court. Kobzon said that it is absolutely clean before the Israelis as a white sheet, and misrepresented.


 - I have great respect Joseph Davidovich as an artist and as a person - says the manager of the company "Global Show" Elena Remish. - Therefore, our company will gladly undertook to organize a series of concerts Iosif Kobzon, the 60th anniversary of Israel. We did not expect that everything could end so sad. Not only that the singer has not paid us for the work, as it demanded the contract signed by both parties, since he had left the country and left us all their expenses during their stay in Israel. And this is not one ten thousand dollars!

Joseph Davidovich arrived in Israel with an army of artists - just 192 people. The delegation of the Russian troupe consisted of the choir of the Russian army, Larisa Dolina, Irina Allegrova, Soso Pavliashvili, as well as the sponsors of the concert program and personal friends of Joseph Davidovich. Arriving in Israel, Kobzon has demanded to give him and his retinue all on the highest level, as befits the star level: from the hotel and ending with stage design and food. Eyewitnesses claim that the handsome actor with the capricious for any reason, writes LIFE.RU.

 - The problems started even before his arrival in Israel, - says Elena Remish. - It turned out that the artists arrive from Russia is not an ordinary flight, but on a private plane. And, most interestingly, a military aircraft whose stay in Israel is strictly prohibited. And during the first concert he went to the stage and told the audience: "I am not here the hotel was given." I believe that the artist is not entitled to it, you come out behind the scenes, and tell all this to the organizers. Instead of the audience.

Many colleagues popularly favorite singer procedure would be surprised to learn that Kobzon generally performed in the Holy Land - is well known that his friendly relations with Israel can be called a stretch. Nevertheless, in this country, the army of fans of his great talent: Kobzon concerts are always sold out.


 - All 192 people had to accommodate, feed, put them to the dressing room - it's very hard work. I understand that we are not going to make money in this project, it's funny - said Remish. - They were provided with the conditions they require. The conditions were as follows: we get a salary, and the rest, Joseph Davidovich pays out of pocket. We have it on paper. On the costs associated with the flight, he sent the money, and then it was said - the rest of the course.

Organizers Israeli concert Kobzon, who are accustomed to a measured course of action, remember past events like a bad dream.

 - We passed the first concert, held the second, third ... then more and more began to realize that their costs are not recouped rooms. Sell ​​tickets and a half months is unrealistic. We went on a huge halls, 3 thousand people, - says Elena Remish. - At their request, I made a very high price, but the costs were not justified. For example, the driver is under the law of Israel has the right to work 10 hours a day, and not a minute more. At us they worked from 9 am to 3.30 am the next day. Each star, each sponsor has his own car. You understand what went overruns? And after every show we do a reconciliation with his staff - Varya and Lena. The costs of increasing and increasing, drivers shouting shouting, just fell down from fatigue. I do not take into account the fact that the drivers for the money to buy drugs Kobzon, he did not return. They did not have to do it ...


According offended impresario of potential problems in working with Kobzon warned them in advance.

 - We were warned that it never says thank you, - said Elena. - We were also told that if we did not pick the money in advance - their fees and living expenses of artists, then we will stay with the nose. And I kept saying that I can not believe it! I was shocked, because he is at a temperature of 40 stood on the stage and sang, and the hall applauded. But the man behind the scenes comes out and becomes completely different. Until the last minute it seemed impossible ...

Boiling Point was the last concert Kobzon in Haifa.

 - I was told that, they say, is now coming his sponsor and will bring us money. My boss said to me, money is not going to be that we find ourselves in the crazy costs - says Remish. - I told him: "I do not believe Kobzon could not cheat!" The chief wanted to stop the concert until they are reimbursed us, but I tearfully begged not to do! Kobzon read the burial service, quickly got into the car and drove away. And still we do not pay! We have collected all the checks, it got 72,000 dollars. We intend to sue because their own understanding of what happened did not happen.


However, all accusations against Joseph Davdovich categorically rejects. Maitre has in this respect his opinion:

 - I reserve the right not to accept any further to the mutual settlement of the invoices, - said the organizers Kobzon. - All disputes I am willing to deal with you in court.

Perhaps that will help the court 71-year-old actor to prove that he lied and he did not do anything.


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