In Moscow, came moose (28 photos)

Moose does not afraid of anything. I was walking through the park, in Moscow, not far from the subway. I see - standing in the bushes and eat moose branches. Started shooting, of course. Fit two aunts. They say they have here as a dog walk, not afraid of anybody, entrances to fit out another lie.
I went to shoot second. Took off, come back, and the first across the road is worth. I got closer to it (the Ponte - I have the right to walk along the paths). Approached somewhere on the meter - and he rushed at me! I ran behind a tree, he stopped and looked at me quite expressive eyes, and then began to follow me around the tree to run. Then stopped again - and I ran away! On the track at some distance stood a man, he said: "Do you want me you photograph with him?" I said, "Do you want me to repeat it?! ..»


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