Just handsome Garfield (28 photos)

Popular character of the eponymous comic book series created by the artist Jim Davis, in which appears the cat Garfield, bleary-eyed and cheerful dog Odie, their socio-goofy host Jon Arbuckle, hundreds of his failed mistresses, talking scales, talking the same mouse, spider and a big shaggy dog ​​next door. Garfield was named in honor of his grandfather Jim Davis, James Garfield Davis, who was named in honor of US President - James Garfield.

Garfield loves to do nothing and have lasagna, but for some reason can not stand raisins. It is worth mentioning that the days of sleep and absolute passivity sharply replaced by a frantic minutes, when all that stands in the way of Garfield, in danger of being destroyed by its claws. All photos in high resolution pick one archive.


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