Simferopol - the city complex

Lousy still command our president. Substitutes their leader at every step. It seemed as if only it is no secret that does not stack with Mr. Yanukovych with geographic, and other names of tourist attractions. Well, they go beyond the consciousness of the Guarantor, and that's it. Why - it is a separate issue and to other people. But - the fact. So consider it as something to steer the situation, taking into account the terrain and event points. And then it turns out badly, even cry. Well, should not, in fact, the head of state, pomnit about such nonsense. Not royal case. Again, it is unclear speechwriters for the money paid. (Or they pay extra to stay in such a significant office and be able to postebatsya enough). As the text says that the state of our hope, in the long run (and in a little) sometimes resembles a stream of consciousness. Or bard song. Also, in principle, not bad of course, what I saw - on and sang. Or something to think about. But sometimes it is worth to fill some text meaning. At least three times in the fourth. Just for a change. In general, you should consider seriously the content of such a device is appropriate. And it's still something bad about Victor F. think, and it is something to do with it here? Well, put on unscrupulous assistants, and they do not justify. He's so gullible.


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