Most mysterious scientific phenomena

For in this world there are many unanswered questions. The international scientific publication New Scientist today leads the list of difficult to explain the facts and phenomena that have long been the theory and generate debate among scientists.

The placebo effect

On the placebo effect, many have heard. This is when the person for several days watered necessary medication, and he feels as his health improves. However, if you then instead of a therapeutic agent to give him some absolutely harmless neutral solution, it will still be to convince everyone that continues to recover.

Brain some way can affect the health. But - it is unknown. The most well-known researcher of this problem, Professor Fabrizio Benedetti of the University of Turin (Italy) carried out this cynical experiment with patients who needed daily a strong painkiller. And when he slips them instead of morphine did not anesthetics, pain anyway recedes. This is not an isolated experiment - know about these cases, doctors worldwide. The main hypothesis of the explanation - the brain somehow can affect the condition of the body. But - it is unknown. By the way, this effect was observed in mice and monkeys, so that the placebo is not fiction hypochondriac people.

 - Now we need to see whether this effect works only with certain types of disease, or for all diseases common mechanism works - says Professor Benedetti. - And in the case of success for medicine opens unprecedented prospects.

Life on Mars

Finding organics on Mars began in 1976 - where US Viking spacecraft landed. He had to spend three experiments that were clearly prove or disprove the assertion of its habitability. But all three have given mixed results. As a result, experts have decided that life there is still no. And the strange results of experiments blamed on the chemical composition of the soil. However, the author experiments Gabriel Levin did not agree with them. And, based on the results of studies of the Vikings, he has developed a whole theory about how Martian simple organisms at the molecular level are different from Earth. Is he right? It is still unknown.

Dark matter

Weight is 90% of the mass of the universe. This means that we know that in the world we are surrounded by only one-tenth of
All galaxies in our universe at high speed revolve around a single center. But when the researchers calculated the total mass of the galaxies, it turned out that they are too light. And according to the laws of physics all this roundabout would have long broken. However, it does not break. To explain what is happening, scientists have come up with a hypothesis, though there are some in the universe of dark matter that can not be seen. But what it is and how it would feel, astronomers are not yet present. We only know that her weight is 90 percent of the mass of the universe. This means that we know that in the world we are surrounded by only one-tenth.

Anomaly probes Pioneer

US probes Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 were launched respectively in 1972 and 1983. By now they've had to fly out of the solar system. However, one and the second for unknown reasons, have begun to change the trajectory, as if some unseen force does not let them out of the system. Pioneer 10 has deviated in the four hundred thousand kilometers from the calculated trajectory. Pioneer 11 is exactly the same path of fellow. There are many versions: the influence of the solar wind, a fuel leak, programming errors. But they are not very convincing, since both Korablin running at an interval of 11 years, behave similarly.
If you do not take account of the machinations of the aliens, or divine plan not to let people outside the solar system, then perhaps there is just an effect of the mysterious dark matter referred to above. Or maybe there are some unknown to us gravitational effects? Now experts are developing a special probe that will go the way devices and try to solve the mystery.

The tenth planet in the solar system

Far, far beyond the dwarf planet Pluto has a mysterious asteroid Sedna - one of the largest in our system. Besides Sedna is considered the red object in our system - it is even redder than Mars. Why - it is unknown. But the main mystery in the other. A full revolution around the Sun it makes 10 thousand years. And appeals for a very elongated orbit. Whether this asteroid came to us from another star system. Or maybe because some astronomers believe, from a circular orbit it knocked the gravitational pull of a larger object. What? For example, the mysterious planet Nibiru - the planet that supposedly exist on the very edge of the solar system, but astronomers have found it is not yet possible.
There is another fact in favor of the existence of the mysterious planet. Sedna is located in the Kuiper Belt - the region of space is extremely saturated small space bodies. From Pluto, the Kuiper belt increases the density, and then abruptly drops to zero. So it could be, if all the objects that are farther, were attracted by the gravitational field of the mysterious planet. However, while it can not be detected, astronomers.
Perhaps the mystery will be resolved when NASA probe New Horizonts in 2015 will reach Pluto and from there try to see the elusive Nibiru.

The radio signal from the constellation of Sagittarius

In the 1970s the United States began a program to search for radio signals from the brothers on reason. Suddenly they wish to contact us? To do this, the radio telescope sent into different fate of the sky, and he scanned the broadcast at different frequencies, trying to detect a signal of artificial origin. A few years astronomers boast at least some results could not.
But August 15, 1977 while on duty astronomer Jerry Ehmana recorder which records everything that falls into the "ears" of the radio telescope, brought on the tape curve, recalls the words «WOW». The signal lasted 37 seconds. And I was at a frequency of 1420 megahertz. According to international agreements, no earthly transmitter does not work in this range. It came from the direction of the constellation Sagittarius, where the closest star located at a distance of 220 light years from Earth. Artificial Was he? There is no answer so far. Subsequently, scientists have repeatedly ransacked this area of ​​the sky. But to no avail.


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