The most incredible phenomenon

In nature, there are mysterious phenomena, which can not explain the look that's been going on for centuries. Once they were referred to the field of "devilry", and today they came up with the term "unknown." Recently, researchers have made another annual ranking of such phenomena on the basis of frequency of mentions in the press.

First place went to the so-called "taossky noise." For many years the inhabitants of the town of Taos in the US state of New Mexico heard a strange noise that is heard from the desert. Source it has not yet been set.

In second place - the phenomenon of Bigfoot. Like creature not a huge ape, not a man, and then see the different people in different parts of the world and talk about it a strange thing ... However, no one can really answer the question, what kind of establishment exists Does it really.

In third place - intuition. Too many people "hear" an inner voice that tells them what to do in a given situation. And some are even able to predict future events. But the scientific explanation for this "sixth sense" is not found.

The fourth place is occupied by the mysterious disappearance of people. Every day in the world of dozens of people disappear and their traces can not be found. They put forward different versions - from the criminal to the supernatural, such as alien abductions or failure in another dimension. But there is nothing to prove it was not possible.


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