The ten most anomalous areas of the Urals

On the last mountain of the Big Iremel. Let's start with the fact that Iremel has a mysterious history. Get at least a name. It has been known since time immemorial, when the Turks inhabited the land (ancestors of modern Bashkirs) called a mountain, "a place that gives a person the power," ie, "Iremel" in their language. By the way, the name of the nearby village Tyulyuk, translated as "desire."
The presence of the two place names already leads to some thoughts. For example, the legend goes, if you like to climb the mountain and make a wish, it will without fail come true. Rumor has it that in ancient times the priests of pagan cults practiced human sacrifice atop the Iremel. Perhaps, therefore, place is gloomy glory. It is associated with a variety of rumors. From frequent UFO sightings to the mysterious people "Chud white-eyed", whose members allegedly live in those places.

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Ninth place is occupied by Lake Itkul. Translated from the Bashkir Itkul means "cold lake", as "um" ("meat"), and "cul" ("Lake"). Scientists believe that the lake was given the name because of the abundance of various fish in it. Although there is a version, as if on orders from Demidov, to have thrown off some transports pork in order to drive the Muslims who lived not far from the pond, and protested against the industry works. But this fact is not the infamous lake Itkul. And the fact that in the midst of its water surface rises threatening the so-called "Shaitan Rock." There is a version, though in the days of antiquity, on the stone were brought human sacrifice for harvest and good weather. It is noteworthy that after a century of life of people still end up near the stone. A lot of swimmers drowned, and those who survived described the unpleasant feeling that passes through them some power cord

On the eighth place of "stone tent" in Kasli area. Any child from the village Allakov Kasli area with the intonation of an experienced guide will tell you that this is where once was the village of Finno-Ugric peoples. That they are about 7000 years ago, painted on the "tents" with red ocher strange men with antennae on his head. But the men would be okay, because, most likely, "antenna" is an element of the traditional headdress of the shaman. But far away from the "stone tents", archaeologists discovered ptitsevidny idol, the spear and the pitcher with blood stains. It is tempting to think hard about the rituals that the ancient Finno-Ugric performed alongside their "stone tent." The inhabitants of the surrounding villages, these places are notorious, however, young daredevils often against the "work" guides.


Seventh place is occupied Arakulskie shihan. Location is remarkable even by the fact that there are mysterious dolmens (a kind of "box" of heavy boulders'). Members of the movement "Kosmopoisk-Ural" so write about these objects, "Ural dolmens differ from the Caucasus known method of construction, dimensions. In addition, about the purpose of dolmens, as well as their exact age, scientists still argue, to date there is no concrete answer as to who built these "boxes" and why. "And besides dolmens on edge stuffed legend about a certain headstock Shihanke, who lives in Arakulskih Shikhany. Rumor has it that the evil spirit that takes the image of a feeble old woman wanders through the mountains and brings trouble to tourists. Meeting with it does not bode well. Rumor has it that those who saw the headstock Shihanku only then manage that tell about the meeting, and after all certainly die. Of course, under the most mysterious circumstances.

In sixth place ridge Nurgush. According to hikers and hunters, as well as emergency workers, in the sky over the mountain periodically can be seen UFOs, and in the surrounding woods meet Bigfoot, the meetings to which the pages of his book telling Satkinsky ethnographer Cherentsov VP It is in the vicinity of Chelyabinsk Nurgush Cryptozoology - Avdeev Nikolay, I was lucky enough to take a picture of a snowman, but like all materials on the subject, the picture turned out blurry and slaboinformativnym.

Fifth place is occupied ignateva cave. The famous cave is near the village of Serpievka that Katav-Ivanovo region. With captain character and almost half a kilometer length, it consists of four divisions - Input grotto, main hallway, large and Far hall. They called it in honor of the old lay brother Ignatius, who lived and died in a cave. According to legend, the spirit of the elder Ignatius at night out of the cave and look at the moon. Among the tourists are of the opinion if the night in a cave, you can hear the footsteps and voices unintelligible. Besides, next to any of the departments of the stone corridor, people now and then discharged batteries, lamps lanterns burned, refuse to work the camera flashes, and included feel someone's invisible presence. Many say that in one of the rooms is very difficult to get quality photographs - they are seen "white transparent veil┬╗.

In fourth place, "Kasli anomaly." It all started with the fact that the images captured by satellite, the members of the Ural branch of the movement "Kosmopoisk" found strange circles. Immediately, there were several versions about their origins. One of them was the fact that the circles - like Arkaim and represent the remains of the ancient city. The second version can be called - "UFO", well, you know, unexplained crop circles, mysterious figures, as if made by the hand of the giant. The third version was called the military. It was she, later identified, was closest to the truth. It turned out that this place was once a radio ground for testing and commissioning of the plant sensitive products "Radium". The plant specialized in the production of defense radio engineering, open source became even know the names of previously closed the samples, which were tested at the site, with concentric system of movement. Experiments with sensitive equipment, is expected to leave the country and mark on the ground.

The third covers the lake "Shaytanka." Lake with ominous name Shaytanka is close to Asha. It is noteworthy, as usual, his furious legends. So one of them is considered to be a bottomless reservoir (officially speak about the depth of 200 meters), on the other - in its depths lives a kind of "monster", and the third lake attributes frequent UFO sightings. In fact, it is difficult to say whether there is "abnormal", or is it just a myth. For example, sometimes underground waters begin to rise sharply, and as it splashed over the edge Shaytanka flooding District peat mass publishing an unbearable stench. The water in the lake seemed to boil. All these phenomena are linked before with the machinations of evil forces, and therefore gave the lake its name. And now the locals have a lot of savvy in matters esoteric and psychic, they say, they say there is bad energy.

In second place Taganay National Park. This park run a variety of legends and myths. Someone said that in some places is lost during the usual time, other claim that he personally met with "Kialimskoy grandmother." For example, one winter in the Far TAGANAY near the bottom of the well saw her, even the director of the meteorological station. Seeing the director, "grandmother" deep into the taiga sped headlong. She was barefoot and lightly dressed, though lyutovali bitter cold. Besides this mysterious pensioner TAGANAY to regularly see a UFO, "snow men" and other extraordinary events. However, for certain fixed "miracles" until no one could.

In the first place, you guessed it, the arch. If you listen to homegrown mediums, the ancient settlement of the Bronze Age - it's one continuous anomalous zone! Whole armies of psychics annually precipitated Arak in search of "power." And then there just do not see. Mysterious lights, according to the infamous magicians and "healers", no one is surprised, being as it were part of the landscape. In fact, most of these miraculous events are a figment of the imagination of the people who come to the Arch "charged" with energy. On the other hand, some cases of strange electromagnetic oscillations were recorded by special instruments. Perhaps this fact has something to do with the numerous stories of "contactees" and "eyewitnesses unknown┬╗.



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