For the new election law

Very useful in our current political life of the device. It is proposed to introduce for all candidates and candidates for all sorts of positions. And applicants will understand what they are going, and how people will be something fun. And then some inequality observed on both sides of the ballot box. On one side are all very respectable, grossly and visibly understand what and why are cut again hang noodles yes toss beads to right-to-left, and on the other - a gloomy incomprehension - well, what a hell of a radish sweeter than the other? Again, you can make a bet who will last longer, which is also undoubtedly add adrenaline pretty dull process. And it will be achieved in this way is a very good balance of interests. For, as you can guess for yourself, even if it will become a full-weight contender in the owner of a cabinet with a soft chair and other pleasant options, he or she will understand - or the first and last time (because the second time after the unjust labor in run for the benefit of society will be like death in the literal sense) or it is necessary to try very much to you sincerely and devotedly loved. So the next time you can safely push yourself, your favorite (th), not being afraid to be a little bit shorter. And it will then happiness and prosperity. Because no one has yet canceled the instinct of self-preservation. Whether that is the strongest, or after the second sequel of sorts - that's someone like, and from the object depends.


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