Russian Yoga (10 pics + text)

Yoga - a concept in a broad sense, means the totality of the various spiritual and physical practices, aimed at control of mind and psychophysiology of the individual to achieve the sublime mental and spiritual state.
(- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Savasana - pose of total relaxation. This position is one of the most challenging Asana (approx. Asana - the union of mind and body through physical activity)

Balasana - Soothing posture, which is located between the more challenging Asana

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana - Pose Bride (O_o), calms the mind and rejuvenates tired legs

Marjaryasana - This position provides a gentle massage of the abdomen and spine

Halasana - Plow Pose reduces pain and can help you fall asleep


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