The plant SsangYong (11 photos)

At the time, Chinese from Shanghai Automotive bought part of the fifth largest Korean manufacturer SsangYong. Then they tried to introduce their people on the board. Proud Koreans staged a peaceful rebellion and Chinese not allowed. Those pretended not offended.
Then came the crisis. SsangYong is on the verge of bankruptcy. At the same time some Chinese investors were the loot - SAIC participated in the auctions for the purchase of Volvo, Hummer and Jeep. SAIC SsangYong asked for money, and the Chinese were denied.
SsangYong owed more than half a billion dollars. Commencement of bankruptcy proceedings. It was decided to lay off 37% of employees - 2,600 people.
By the standards of the Russian army - it's more than a regiment. This is the basic tactical unit, a team. Dismissed Koreans have not reconciled. May 21 they captured plant in Pyeongtaek, near Seoul.
Two months ruganperegovory authorities conducted with the strikers, so anything and not agreed.

This Sunday is one of the bosses of the company with the easy to remember the name of Li Yu put an ultimatum to the strikers: all get out, but we only match the plant to the ground! Disabled on the territory of the electricity and water. 120 people came, and the rest, about 520 remained. On Tuesday night police launched the assault.


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