Mobile Home (26 photos)

It's the best house on wheels that I have seen.

When you look at pictures and read the description, you will understand what I mean.

Unfortunately, there are no prices on the manufacturer's website.

The living area is about 90 square meters of floor space.

Now configuration:

- Central heating

- Backup generator

- Complete soundproofing

- Surveillance cameras

- Antipozharnaya system

- Jacuzzi

- TVs in every room

- Waterbeds

- Touch buttons

- Branded kitchen

- Solid wood furniture

- Satellite system

- Steel doors

- Water tanks and toilets

and much more.

And if that's not enough, you can order:

- Granite floor

- Helicopter landing pad

- Garage

- Motor boat in the basement

- And generally build on the second floor))


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