The animal who is always smiling (44 photos)

Axolotl - a special kind of Mexican salamander, stopping in the larval stage. The larval form of tiger salamander, amphibian of the family unit ambistomovyh tailed living in mountain ponds Mexico. The peculiarity is that it reaches sexual maturity and is able to reproduce even turned into the adult form.
In Spanish, the word "Axolotl" means "playing in the water." Axolotl head large and broad, incommensurate with the body, the mouth wide, eyes are small, so it seems that aksalotl constantly smiling. Behind the head there are three pairs of external gills that look like long, shaggy branches. Axolotl - it's an amazing primitive amphibian, there are more than 350 million. Years. Perhaps the secret of its vitality lies in the ability to be lifelong carefree young larvae.

They look very cute and great smile. In nature, there remained few and they are listed as endangered.


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