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# Armadillo species Dasypus always give birth to four cubs are genetically identical. This is the only mammal whose offspring are always four twins (quadruplets?)

# In our body we can always score at least a kilogram of germs and parasites. Many of them are vital to us.

# Germs from feces can penetrate ten words of ordinary toilet paper, so do not forget to wash your hands after using the toilet!

# Earwigs (which is also called schIpalkami) can fly. Under the front wheel arch liners have hidden small membrane-like wings with which they can fly for short distances. By the way, they fly only in extreme cases, and contrary to popular belief, do not carry diseases dangerous to humans.

# Do cuttlefish eyes have not shape the world, but something like the letter W (see photo above). With a sly modification, they can determine the polarization of light in water, which helps to find prey. By the color of the eyes are not sensitive. Cubs cuttlefish begin to use their eyes, not yet born.

# The famous Egyptian pyramids were originally covered with slabs of limestone polished, highly reflective light, so they could see the shine from a great distance. On top of the pyramid of Khufu, you can see the remains of the coating, though much worn out over thousands of years.

# Female koala bears, who belong to the family of marsupials, have double vagina, and the males - a forked penis. Why the evolution of these creatures went on such unconventional way - is unknown.

# The human eye has a so-called blind spot that does not perceive the light falling on it - at this point the optic nerve leaves the eyeball. The brain has to "dorisovyvat" missing information from the image with the other eye.

# Avocados can be called a ghost of evolution. In the age of the Pleistocene they were fed large creatures that carry the seeds with their excrement. After their extinction ancient people took the baton for its cultivation and distribution.

# A large part of the buttons, located on a pedestrian crossing to turn green light, are "false", as the elevator button. At least, this situation is observed in New York, but I think that this is no exception. Why is this done? To give a person the feeling that he can manage :)

# In a sand shark (Odontaspis taurus) pregnancy has been very unusual. Inside the mother develops two embryos, of which the strongest eats before the birth of another. This phenomenon is called intrauterine cannibalism.

# If you tickle krycu, she will laugh.


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