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Is surprising that so incredibly ancient rocks found fossil footprints, but equally ancient rocks found and even more unusual traces of the past - the fossil footprints.
In 1922, mining engineer and geologist John Reid was looking for fossils in Nevada. To his amazement, he found a fossil imprint of the back half of the sole human shoes. The sole has been clearly outlined in the breed.
The proof is the visible imprints of stitches: on the edge of the sole "was well-printed broaching thread that attaches to the bottom of the welt." At the very foot was noticeable even one line of stitches, and in the center of the heel was a dent - exactly the same as it would be when wearing shoes.
Fossil imprint Reid was taken to New York and shows geologist at Columbia University and three professors from the American Museum of Natural History. They all came to the conclusion that the mark applied to the Triassic period (the former on earth 213-248 million years ago). They also unanimously agreed that it was "absolutely amazing imitation" shoes. Beyond this, they did not dare to go.
Part petrified sole shoes found in the rock, whose age is more than 213 million years. Under a magnifying glass you can see the pattern of stitches. The only known photo was published in a New York newspaper in 1922.

Microscopic analysis by an expert from the Rockefeller Institute, showed that due to the complex twists and curls thread used in the firmware, we can say that it was a fossil man-made object. But science has rejected this finding as "a freak of nature." It will not be mentioned in any book on fossils. Oh it will not say no specialist. Made in 1922, photography - that's all that's left of it today.
At closer to our times - in June 1968 - William Meister in Utah found nearby Antelope Springs second shoe print in the rock, which is the same age as the Cambrian explosion. From this finding is also very easy to dismiss. During the search for fossil Meister split the piece of slate Iniesta two inches thick, age at 505-590 million years old, who was found inside the imprint resembles the following sandals - a little more than ten inches long and three and a half inches wide.
As would be expected, scientists, knowledgeable about this discovery, refuse to take it seriously, but just in this case, there is an amazing and unusual detail, which makes it very difficult to write off this finding as a freak of nature or fake. The front part of sandals, came under her once many millions of years ago, weight, appeared crushed small trilobite - shellfish, has been like 280 million years ago extinct. Clearly visible dent left them.
The heel was another trilobite, who apparently crawled or fallen down on a flat print sandals already after he was left in the rock. This is strong evidence in favor of the fact that the fossil record is not just a geological curiosity - and, it seems, is convincing evidence of her age and the fact that it is a fossil imprint sandals - or something closely resembling it in form - which stepped into the mud, many millions of years ago.


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