Bombs photographic art! 23 hilarious picture not understand the first time.

Knowing how much you love the images taken at the most opportune moment, team information and entertainment online magazine decided to prepare for you another batch of excellent humor and brighten up your day. I think it is not necessary to dwell on the fact that these pictures masterpiece ... The facts, as they say, is obvious. They just bomb! It seems that the photographers themselves contributed to the planets and stars. It umatovyh 23 pictures taken in the right place at the right time. To understand what happens to each of them to look out at least twice. And you can have fun and practicing a logical thinking!

Wow, what a sponge!

I do not represent favorite music - Pegasus ...

So vymahal!

A series "Kids-akseleratovĀ».


a walk to glory!

Sunny Bunny psihanul.

Maundy Thursday was a success.

Warning (!) on behalf of all the others.

The poor man ...

fire-breathing girl.

And he did so with a mustache!

Star Wars pony.

Waterfall from a bottle.

The Voyage of the vertices.

Do not touch my manhood!

Dog ulybaka.

Monday morning.

The camera was in the right hands! These photographers - just unrecognized photography gurus. Such fotoshedevry should not go unnoticed - show these pictures to your friends umatovye.

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