Incredible couples and best friends (19 photos)

I suggest you see a selection of the most unusual friendship between a variety of animals.
It does not matter what breed, what color is your friend. The most important thing that he will come to you for help in the most difficult moment or cheer when you feel sad, and possibly replace the closest, who did not return.

1. Dachshund Bessie lies in a basket with a 5-day cub May 20 at the zoo Shtroo, Germany. (Philipp Guelland / AFP - Getty Images)

2. In this composite photo black cat playing in front of the family home in Amish Middlfilde, Ohio. Then, conveniently arranged in the paws of a dog. Family members say that the dog belongs to the neighbors, and the cat - street. (Amy Sancetta / AP)

3. It seems that this little pig named Prudence, who lives in a rehabilitation center for animals in Torrington, Colchester, United Kingdom, considers himself a dog. (Andy Abbott / Zuma Press)

4. Leo Laith licks Dima tigress in a cage zoo Hamadan near Amman, Jordan. (Ali Jarekji / REUTERS)

5. The 25-year-old Steph Taft walks his duck Essie and Staffordshire - a two-year crustaceans (left) and 4-year-old DD in Bournemouth, England. 9-month-old duck Essie thinks she is a dog and likes to walk with two other pets mistress. (Chris Ison / AP)

6. Cat Smaygel feeds her kittens and puppies 4 in the house of his master Mohammed Al-Hamura in Amman, Jordan. Smaygel feeds puppies whose mother was killed in the accident. (Muhammad Hamed / REUTERS)

7. Perhaps the elephant and the sheep are not so much in common, but the two became best friends. 8-month-old baby elephant, Themba orphan, whose name in the language of Xhosa means "hope", started a friendship with Alberta lamb upon arrival at the hospital Shamvari reserve, where he stayed for six months. Mama Temba fell off a cliff in the same reserve. (Caters News / Zuma Press)

8. The Cubs sit in a cage with his surrogate mother - a pig - the zoo in Pattaya, Thailand. (Barbara Walton / EPA)

9. Long-tailed macaque Bunla lives with Toby - rabbit - in Ayutthaya province in Thailand. Bunla - 6-year-old monkey has lost two legs and one arm after she was attacked by a dog three years ago. She crawled to a nearby temple, where she helped to survive. Now she lives in a cage with a rabbit. (Sukree Sukplang / Reuters)

10. From three tiger cub Zoya's mother refused. She plays with Alsatian Frida in a special enclosure in the Warsaw Zoo. The dog's owner - an employee of the zoo. He presented his pet tiger cub that she had a friend. (Alik Keplicz / AP)

11. Little rabbit jumped on his back to his great friend - hippo to cool off in the heat in eastern China. (Jiang Yongbing / ZUMA Press)

12. The female monkey grabbed the puppy to prevent him approaching another monkey in Jammu, India. Monkey has lost its young and sheltered puppy. (Channi Anand / AP)

13. Dog fondled with a small deer that farmer rescued from floods in Igney, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Ganen Province, South Korea. Dog feeds and protects the fawn. (Inje Municipal Government / EPA)

14. The five-week wild boar Manni plays with Jack Russell Terrier named Candy in Eringhauzene, Germany. Now Manny, who was found in a forest fed people. (Sascha Schuermann / AFP - Getty Images)

15. Tiger yawning, waking up next to a pig at the zoo in Pattaya, Thailand. The zoo has an unusual group of friends among the animals, they are called "Happy Family" and consist of such "members" like tigers, pigs and dogs. (Barbara Walton / EPA)

16. 3-year-old giraffe Bee and strausiha Wilma while away together in the TEMPO Bay, Florida. More recently, the zoo staff noticed this unusual couple, which seems could not enjoy each other's company. (Matt Marriott / AP)

17. hippo named Owen is close to sovey "mother" - a giant turtle in the park Aldabaranom Mombasa, Kenya. Odd couple found each other after the Asian tsunami hit the coast of Kenya and separated Hippo with his mom. (Anonymous / AP)

18. White dog feeds baby panda at the zoo in the northern Chinese province of Shanxi. After the birth mother gave up the two babies who were born on June 25. Now they are growing at the zoo under the supervision of an unusual surrogate mother - a dog. (AP)

19. Little wild kabanenok named Schnitzel drinking from a bottle with a dog breed Jack Russell Terrier (right) and ridzhbekom Lilly Viblingverde, Germany. Schnitzel forgotten when the farmer Heiko Kordt tried to drive a herd of wild boars from the garden of his friend. Now Kordt pig feeds along with his five dogs. (Philipp Guelland / AFP - Getty Images)


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