Incredible couples and best friends (19 photos)

I suggest you see a selection of the most unusual friendship between a variety of animals.
It does not matter what breed, what color is your friend. The most important thing that he will come to you for help in the most difficult moment or cheer when you feel sad, and possibly replace the closest, who did not return.

1. Dachshund Bessie lies in a basket with a 5-day cub May 20 at the zoo Shtroo, Germany. (Philipp Guelland / AFP - Getty Images)

2. In this composite photo black cat playing in front of the family home in Amish Middlfilde, Ohio. Then, conveniently arranged in the paws of a dog. Family members say that the dog belongs to the neighbors, and the cat - street. (Amy Sancetta / AP)

3. It seems that this little pig named Prudence, who lives in a rehabilitation center for animals in Torrington, Colchester, United Kingdom, considers himself a dog. (Andy Abbott / Zuma Press)

4. Leo Laith licks Dima tigress in a cage zoo Hamadan near Amman, Jordan. (Ali Jarekji / REUTERS)


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