Warranty repairs mouse (2 photos)

I broke my computer mouse. I serve faithfully as part klavomyshi ... And breaking something funny - sinks the left button. In good, repairman with arms and spare parts work in 10 minutes. I called in support of the manufacturer. Moscow simple seven-digit phone number. A polite young man, physically sitting perhaps in some Indian village (say, there is less likely to organize call center) answers in Russian and asked to read the serial number on the bottom of the mouse. It turns out, she warranty. Let's change - says.

Well, I think if they change easier ... Then it turns out that the firm has made in 2008 billionth mouse, including failure came less than a thousand. Therefore, the service center company does not have it all for less break me upon request a new one. Then a polite young man explains the replacement procedure. I do not believe his ears, he said that usually no one believes, so he would send me the soap with a full description of the procedure ...


You need to do the following:
1. On a sheet of A4 writing marker at the hands of the customer number 090113-004330, puts this piece of kit and all belonging to him part of the way to the customer number 090113-004330 visible. To make the first photo.
2. takes the full set of all parts belonging to it, takes a sledgehammer or equivalent in function to the tool and use it to bring the kit and all belonging to him outside of the state. All that was left of him, with the help of brushes and scoops carry on an existing piece of paper of A4 format with a number of the client, so that the customer number was visible. To make the second photo.
3. sends us these photos. Having photos we will send you a new set. Within 14 working days you will deliver it to you are specified address.

Just out of curiosity, not really believing in the result, I did as told. I have to say, it was not easy to break - durable, infection ... Now I can not believe it, but the second photo is dated January 15 and January 20 in the morning a courier brought me a new set sent from somewhere in central Europe. Curtain.

I warn you very smart questions. I asked a polite young man, is not suitable to be replaced only by the mouse, it is a valid, without breaking the keyboard of two separate parts. Vskidku mouse alone was worth no more than 15% of the price set. The answer was that the number is assigned only set for a single click, even the packaging does not exist ...

This post - not advertising. Just this service shook me to the depths of my being ... Perhaps this approach is economically expedient indeed, but the essence of my shovels digesting it with a big scratch ...


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