Skunks rest

Who do we have figures as a benchmark vonyuchest? Skunk? Pig? Another option?
In fact, everything is much sadder for us. For the most smelly creature on earth - a man.
Who are we pleased with this discovery? To guess from three times, or only one? Clear or thing that British scientists (interestingly, they are anything useful or joyful to us you are able to open?)
In general, full tryndets. Not only is the foundation of our sweat - is ammonia, so to him in the appendage are several wonderfully smelling ingredients - lactic acid, carbon dioxide and carbolic acid. Plus the whole colonies of microorganisms that live, die and decompose on our skin. So the little creatures in our background - floral glades and grassy meadows. We, of course, wash yourself every day with the degradation products (there still, in addition, the very nice bacteria that promote decay allocated our glands secrets). Well, would not wash ... What's there to fantasize - morning or evening train in the subway or in a reserved seat distance train, and even the appropriate weather gives a rough idea of ​​what would happen if.
The only relative happiness - for the stronger sex. Guys - we do not give our smelly. Here are just a complete parity.
In general, the summer in the yard. There is something to think about.


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