Our smaller brothers

The selection you see the chicken that thinks she is a dog; a white tiger who tried to attack the rhino; orangutan and nuts and more.

The great gray owl swooped down on the tiny vole on the field in Ontario. (JODY MELANSON / SOLENT)

Owl detect prey and literally bumped into her. (JODY MELANSON / SOLENT)

As a result, it is buried in the snow almost up to his neck. (JODY MELANSON / SOLENT)

12-year-old 127-pound gorilla named Yeboah was recently introduced four females at the zoo in London. He was taken to the capital of England, Nantes, France. (Heathcliff O'Malley)

South Linnaeus's two-toed sloth with its four-month cub in a zoo of Singapore. (AP)

Red panda at the zoo in Erie, Pennsylvania. (AP)

Newborn giraffe standing next to his mother in the zoo in Budapest Santana. 170-cm baby, whose gender is unknown, was born on March 3 evening. (EPA)

Curiosity killed the cat: a rare male white lion, trying to attack the white rhino in the nature reserve in South Africa Sanbon. An hour later, the unequal struggle and surveillance lion left his paltry attempts to overcome the giant. (SANBONA / BARCROFT)

Rangers zoo in Vallejo, California, elephant Taj congratulated on his 70th birthday. Taj - the oldest Asian elephant in North America. (AP)

White tiger at the zoo in Colombo. The Chinese government gave Zoo Sri Lanka two white tigers in a sign of friendship. (AFP / GETTY)

Orangutan nuts trying to get from a vending machine installed in his enclosure at the zoo in Hanover. To get the nuts, the monkeys had to do a series of action sequences. (ACTION PRESS / REX FEATURES)

Monkey mouth catches snow in Huabei, China. (CHINA FOTO PRESS / BARCROFT)

Gentoo penguin decided to carefully examine the shoes soldier during a visit to the military in Edinburgh Zoo. (REUTERS)

Husky named Ice in a Superman costume. Once the owner has laid out a super-dog photo on the Internet, it has become everyone's favorite. (Quirky China News / Rex Features)

Macaque looking for fleas in a red cat in Thailand. (NED WIGGINS / REX FEATURES)

Chicken Mabel thinks she's a dog. (NEWSTEAM)


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