The gelding has not passed

The author writes:

In our yard a couple of weeks ago and have blocked the passage through the narrow path between the school and the kindergarten, making check-in yard to a dead end (here and so podedesh hell, each time for half an hour telling guests). At the same time forgetting to hang the appropriate sign. Over a lifetime, this area was an open passage, and in the best of times (as long as the school is not fenced fence) then could disperse without problems two cars.

But now the width of the passage is enough to not interfere even pedestrians with strollers. Barrages hammered, but with cunning calculation, saying that the fire truck will pass if Cho. For me, as if blocking the passage - I think with the head. The first loser on the SUV flew to the pins immediately after a snowfall, when they simply could not see, fortunately escaped with a fright and scratches on defense.

But that night there was something more fun:


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