Ravshan and Dzhamshud build pipeline

Despite the rigor of state standards building codes and, auditors and managers chudyat gas companies are constantly: the forgotten man in the pipe and brew, then rush anywhere pipeline. And all for the same reason - the tradition of strictly prohibit rent properties in operation when sober and in normal mode. Always - all hands on deck, rush work, inhuman strenuous efforts and drunkenness. Drunkenness also because that stand watch in two ways: either do not drink at all or drink every day. In another way, it does not - the body just broke. The percentage of not drinking to drinking soundly - 1 to 10.

But there in my crew Well done from Central Asia - Karakalpakstan. No, not today's migrant workers, and all the Russian peasants, but manners in Asia.

Missed opus of all mental and behavioral differences, I will mention only one of their feature - complete disregard for the rule of law, SNIP, Guest. More executive and docile workers I have never met, but gouging and more - too.

Actually it happened and why the trouble on our site during the test section of the pipeline.

In that year, we did a 2-mile diversion from the main gas pipeline in the direction of the district center, and to reduce the pressure to the consumer, to terminate the removal of the gas distribution station (GDS). Hemorrhoids? above the roof. City limits, the two types of systems of gas supply on a single object. Only records one weighed 16 kg. The heat in the shade of forty around the fire, and we are in the midst of glowing sandy watermelon fields to build gas pipelines and gas distribution stations, we live in a trailer with no water to wash we go to the Don. We leave work two shifts from sunset to midnight and from midnight until dawn. Technology is as follows: out of the blue two-welded pipes, and the trench dvuhtrubki welded one to the other, to drag them to the place of installation pipelayers often brutally dragging on the ground. During drawing, from the end of the pipe stuffed earth and sand. At the time of installation inside the pipe it is necessary to clear the debris, and the edges inside and outside clean up to bright metal. Once the pipeline is fully assembled, it is under pressure. Fill with water or air, or gas, is kept so for some time (pressurized).

Either before the test, or after, the interior of the pipeline should be completely clean. If the portion of the pipe length, and the diameter is large, from one end to the other allowed special pistons, which repeatedly pushed all the debris. If the pipe section has seven bends a mile, then a gas pipeline blown with compressed air or gas. The spectacle, I assure you, worthy of the brush Karl Briullov? "Uryupinsk last day." Deafening whistle, hum, rumble, a huge 50 meters tall column of dust, rust, various scraps, debris blanketed polgorizonta. In this case, a piece of the pipeline was - nothing at all, the pipe diameter of a football. We decided to clean purged with compressed air. Usually, the end of the pipe, where would fly debris or jammed, bringing straight up fine, "candle" in the arm thick or welded at a slight angle to the horizontal outlet and put before him "target-trap" to departing the garbage and the compressed air is not rasfigachili ahead of ourselves yet one trench, and the take-off would fall in iron sheet.

This time the location for the target is not found, the pipeline rested close to the wall GDS.

What to do?

And then there think? send a pipe up, that's all long. Fool with the targets do not, save a lot of time (and we have, as always all hands on deck), and the tube is just like sand, but with a small cinder electrodes. Tehnodzory gave good sound decisions. And now it is time to test. All the technical supervision on the spot, all drunk, and all the "cultural" cater specifically hired local lyarva. Section chief, master and foremen with them and do not let aside for control tests.

Thresh-piston compressor for three days and pumps 60 atmospheres in the pipeline. Working day and night sleep after involving all hands in a cordon and drunken one type are not allowed in the buffer zone.

And the pipeline "pressure tested" passed the test. It remains the most pleasant? attend the colorful show purge sign last acts clink for the road and fork nach Haus wives and children. To a place of purging gather all the "horns" on the coolest cars, jeeps "broad", "geldings" simple and charged under the "gelding" "Volga". Machinery left outside the security zone 100 meters from the place of purging. Here are the main technical supervision with red from unrestrained, but the quality of drinking face pathetically waving his hand and loudly commands: Davaaaaay! Close echoes the same team of trunk calls. In response, the tube croaks: give! Instantly there was silence, and everyone held their breath, they began to listen when donesut the first sounds of "symphony purge." A moment later he heard coming out of the pipe sound bryakayuschih pebbles on a piece of iron. I went light dusty smoke, and the faces all blurred beatific smile, looking forward to the spectacle "volcanic eruption". Here dobryakal first stone, and struck a relish for allotment, rocket soared. The crowd looked up simultaneously up trying to follow the path, but the stone apparently became so kinetic energy that went into space.

Honestly, it was like something was wrong, because this stone had not yet returned to the Earth and to us, judging by the sounds, not even approaching wave and tsunami stones.

He smiles gently stretched in hlimela idiots when the mouth of the pipe was a breakneck pace and clanking spit pebbles, rocks and boulders mixed with hundreds of kilograms of dust and sand. The first to react sober drivers. They opened the doors of its gleaming supercars and gophers flickered in the "hole." The next moment a flock of portly and technical supervision authorities, who have long heavier glasses and own horseradish nothing raised, saiga become worn around machines and play the game "one extra».

Someone was on his knees trying to crawl under the car, someone hoping to frolic feet, with the grace of an elephant skedaddle on plowing away. Only the main technical supervision, the oldest, the most stout and most important on this holiday, and therefore the most drunk stood motionless in the pose of Manneken Pis and face Oligophrenic looked up. Always harsh and evil in his face and now is not contorted grimace of fear, but rather an expression of surprise and at the same time the issue that he usually sounded like this: "Them? !!! AND? What's? !!! On the ground next to us struck by hail stones. I sat in his UAZ and only listened to the sound of the stones on the roof. When rockfall ended, the command output sounded the roar of the senior technical supervision: Uvooolyu NAAAH? !!!

Injuries and loss of personnel was not, and all ended well, with the exception of broken glass and pokotsanyh bodies wheelbarrows superiors.
And no, he did not fire NAH? because he signed the resolution, and therefore to blame? it.

On the other hand, who could have imagined that my Asian fellows much easier it was all rare in these places the stones are not to refer far away from the highway, and cast into the pipe, so they do not lay around and accidentally broke the isolation of the pipe installation.


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