Catch phrase [2]

All I carry with me ~

When King Cyrus took the city of Priene in Ionia, all residents left taking with them the most valuable and Briat (one of the seven sages) are not left taking with him nothing. And when he was asked why he did just that, he said (meaning I will bring spiritual values): "All I carry with me."

Everything flows, everything changes ~

This expression provides a constant, continuous variability of absolutely all things.

A stitch ~

This expression does not have nothing to do with the bird. It is about an old military weapons battering. There I will give that one who was so named (a stitch) - very poor and the Pauper.

The Sympathy Seeker ~

When Ivan the Terrible conquered Kazan, Mirza (Tatar princes) were the subjects of the Russian Tsar and were trying to elicit all sorts of indulgences complaining about their lousy fate. This expression describes a person who is trying to suck up and play the hapless, helpless, hurt.

Unlucky man ~

Once in Russia "by" referred not only to the road. The same thermite designated various positions at the court of Duke. Nobles did their best to get the path-position, but those to whom it could not accrue to the nickname "unlucky man."


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