Iron logic

Walk along the street in the morning, cold, just + 8 together with a strong wind. In front of me talking girl: beautiful, tall, slender, leggy - from the back just nuts, but this candy for this weather too well short skirt without tights. There is a natural and interesting question, without hesitation, chilly poёzhivayas, I catch her and ask:
 - Girl, you can ask a few questions? - Immediately understand that it is can be regarded as an opportunity to meet, that will significantly reduce the chances of a response to still my question, raise your hands up, and in the "Hyundai hoch" continues - no, no! you do not think I pester you or trying to get acquainted! On the street, 8, so there was a legitimate question, you are not cold?
 - Cold - sadly she says.
 - Then the second question ... Why did you put in this weather is so short skirt?
To which she responds even more sad:
 - To molested and friends ...


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